Our women’s heated base layer pants can do more than move with you and keep your legs warm during the winter months. Though they are a must-have for excursions in the winter season, you can also wear them year-round! From chilly camping and hunting trips to brisk morning walks or afternoon games, there is always an occasion to pull these on.

We combine flexible, lightweight material with conductive thread technology to bring you the most comfortable and cozy base layers you’ll ever own. Our Basecamp pants focus on the largest muscle groups in the legs to ensure ample warmth for up to 9 hours! They boast two heat zones in the thighs, and two in the glutes. Plus, these women’s base layer pants feature three heat settings, so you can fully customize the heat you receive with one touch of a button. The pants also feature zippered pockets,  recharge in 3 to 4 hours, and they are machine washable, so you can easily equip yourself for every adventure!

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