The Tripster Upcycled waist pack carries your essentials and reduces your footprint. Made from upcycled tents and bicycle tubes.

Each one is made from unique upcycled materials and no two are exactly the same. 

Made in Colorado – Built in the USA

  • Because this waist pack is made from upcycled materials, no two waist packs look exactly alike; fabric colors and patterns will vary
  • The base is made from durable, waterproof upcycled bike tube rubber
  • Lash tab made from upcycled bike tube material hints at rugged origins
  • Double zipper on the main compartment
  • 72% upcycled tent canopy
  • 10% upcycled bike tubes
  • 18% other materials


10.5 L x 4.5 H x 3.5 D in.


7 oz. 

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