Who says it’s impossible to do a ninja kick on a penny farthing? As elusive as the legendary ghost ship, you know how to make waves. Weird and fearless are your definining traits and when people catch a glimpse of you on a bike they will remember it for the rest of their days.

Elastic cinch adjusts to hold drinks from 1″ to 3.25″ inches diameter.

Clamps to bars, seat tubes, or anything up to 1.5″.

360 degree rotation for flat bars, curved bars, or vertical mounting.

Shock absorbing design adjusts to the size of the drink and smooths out bumps.

Works great for Bikes, Strollers, Boats, Wheelchairs, and more.

Diamond Handlestash is so good it must be woven from the yarn of magical outerspace silkworms. It looks like a million bucks, and the heavier fabric does an even better job absorbing vibrations and resisting unwanted movement. The same design as the others but made with the best fabric in the universe. Holds your drink with diamond hands.

Made in the USA in beautiful Denver, Colorado!

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