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Tasting Notes: Mango, passionfruit, juicy, brown sugar, milk chocolate

Roast: light/medium


We developed this espresso blend in 2023 after what felt like the longest winter EVER! After days on end of snow and cold, we had finally had enough. It was time to take action and create an espresso blend that wherever you are or whatever the weather, you can get a taste of that world famous Colorado sunshine. 

This juicy fruit forward espresso blend is the perfect mouth watering mix of a South American washed coffee and a natural African coffee that excites your mouth with every sip. Smooth enough to drink as a straight espresso, make it a mellow americano, or watch this blend shine through your favorite milk as a cap or a latte; either way you enjoy this mango filled mouthful and say to yourself… HELLO SUNSHINE! 

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